During an upgrade to JDE EnterpriseOne you will need to list any changes that have been made to your data dictionary, and using SQL or even a UBE, most developers would have no problem coming up with a way to compare the pristine data dictionary with the latest version.  We thought, however, it might be nice to give those with less experience in this line a jump start.  So here is some SQL that could be used to detect new data dictionary items and changed alpha descriptions.  There are several other tables where you will want to look for changes.  This is just the start.  Now you have the pattern though, so you can write similar queries for the tables and  columns you wish to inspect.

-- This SQL is written to run on DB/2
-- Find New DD Items
select a.*
  from dd9.f9200 as a left join pristctl.f9200 as b on a.frdtai = b.frdtai
 where b.frdtai is null
   and a.frjobn not like 'DEN%'
   and a.frjobn not like 'DN%';

-- Find Changed Alpha Descriptions
  select a.frdtai, a.frlngp, a.frsyr, case a.frdsca 
                                      when b.frdsca then 
                                           ' frdsca changed [' || trim(a.frdsca) || ' ==> ' || trim(b.frdsca) || ']' 
                                      end as change
    from dd9.f9203 as b left outer join pristctl.f9203 as a on a.frsyr  = b.frsyr
                                                           and a.frlngp = b.frlngp
                                                           and a.frdtai = b.frdtai 
                                                           and a.frscrn = b.frscrn
   where a.frdsca != b.frdsca;

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