why we are here

We at Deft Flux are here to make professionals’ lives easier.   We do this by expertly completing tasks that they don’t have the time or the expertise to take on.  When folks feel like they serve their systems, we make computer information systems serve folks.


How we operate

We believe we are among the best in our field at what we do because we have the experience and knowledge necessary to set things up right the first time, reducing future maintenance requirements and making expansion and modification simple.  We build robust, elegant software solutions.

It is our policy to be Skilled solution providers who Make customers no. 1. We Intentionally strive to delight every customer by providing a consistently excellent Level of personal service that always Exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We put folks first.


what we do

Deft Flux is a provider of customized computer information systems.  We specialize in ERP software (including JDEdwards and Epicor), custom web applications, and totally awesome systems integration.



Our Story

When he was but a youth, Adam Patrick began building beneficient information systems for local companies.  In the year 2007, Deft Flux was beginning.  Adam wanted more freedom to serve customers and mentor teammates – so he started his own company.  Today, the Deft Flux stable of information designers includes the most talented, the hardest working, and the tallest information designers in the Midwest.  We will stack our folks up against anyone. 

We promise that we can do the job better and faster, and still exceed expectations.


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