Recently, we have had to find the answer to an important question: Why does pasting into a grid cell overwrite the whole cell and refresh the page?

The answer it seems, is complicated. JDE 9.2 has two paste functions you should be aware of – grid paste, and value (normal) paste.

Grid Paste

Grid Paste allows you to paste many records and columns into a grid from Excel or another grid. Use grid paste for this action:

  1. Copy a cell or multiple rows from Excel, or from a JDE grid
  2. Place your cursor in the grid cell where you would like to paste the values.
  3. Be sure no text is selected. If text is selected, click anywhere in the cell to deselect text.
  4. Press [Control + V].
  5. After your paste, JDE will reload the page to make sure everything loaded correctly.
  6. If you only have one cell copied, or only a few characters, JDE will still overwrite the whole cell with your value.

Value Paste

Sometimes, you don’t want to paste multiple cells, or you want to paste text within a cell’s existing value. Use value paste for this action:

  1. Copy your desired text from anywhere.
  2. Place your cursor in a grid cell or form field where you would like to paste the text.
  3. In the cell or field, select some text or don’t select some text. Either way is fine.
  4. Press [Shift + Insert].
  5. If you selected text, JDE will remove that text before pasting.
  6. JDE will paste your copied text into the cell or field.