At Deft Flux, we are curing business information headaches, and we are doing it because we care.  Here is an example.

Epicor has several different paths whereby one may create a customization.  So far, we have found the Business Process Management (BPM) method directive to be the most useful.  Why?

BPMs are powerful:

  • They can be as simple as an informational message.
  • They can throw exceptions and block completion of an update.
  • They can be as sophisticated as a call to a Progress Advanced Business Language (ABL) program or a .NET web service.
  • In extreme cases, the business object method could be totally replaced.

BPMs are easy to deploy and keep upgrades simple:

  • They use callbacks to run your code either directly before or after the business object method so change to the business object method is avoided.
  • As soon as a BPM is saved and enabled, it is effective on all client machines.
  • They require the simple checking of a box to enable and disable.
  • Upgrades sometimes will break a BPM, so you want to validate and test them.

Next time we will talk about a more complex BPM that we might build to meet a specific need.  Our mission is to make your life easier.  If you need real help designing elegant solutions to real business requirements, give us a call.