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Adjace: How to Use Profile Picture Updates

One big time-saving feature of Adjace is allowing folks to update their own profile updated pictures.    Here’s how it works. Continue reading

Adjace: How to Use Opt-Out

Adjace allows you to exclude individuals from your on-line directory and, perhaps more importantly, let them to set their own opt-out preferences.   Here’s how it works: Continue reading

Print Your Directory with Adjace

Attention all Adjace users and Planning Center People users considering Adjace.  One of the most requested features to date is now available for our on-line directory solution.  As of last weekend, Adjace subscribers will  find on their configuration page a link to download a PDF copy of their directory.

Download PDF

Here is what you need to know.:

  • The PDF download is available to subscribers.
  • To keep the setup as easy as pie, it uses the same configuration flags as the online directory.  To wit, it will contain the same information and grouping.  If you want a PDF with different information in it, simply configure for print, download the PDF, and then straightaway configure for online again.


If you came here looking for a printable directory from Planning Center People and are not yet on board the Adjace train, head on over to and get started!  If you came here looking for an online directory but aren’t yet on board with Planning Center People, head on over to, get started there, and then come back and sign up for Adjace!

NEW: Brand Your Adjace Landing Page.

Today we have an important feature announcement for Adjace.  Adjace now allows a greater level of customization for landing pages.  Previously, administrators could set the sub-domain for their landing page and the welcome message, and now, administrators can also upload their own logo and wallpaper and change the colors.  We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful landing pages!  Here’s how to use the new feature:

  1. From your settings page, open the settings tab and hit the “Edit Landing Page” button.  This will open the landing page editor.
1. Hit the Edit Button

1. Hit the Edit Button

2. Select a logo and wallpaper from your local computer to upload.  Set the text and button colors so they work with your chosen logo and wallpaper.  Change the landing page welcome message to something that makes sense for your church.

2. Edit the Landing Page

2. Edit the Landing Page

3. As you make changes to your landing page settings, the preview will update so you can see how things are looking.  If you want to see the whole page without the settings editor in the way, click the handle to hide the editor.

4. Now you can preview the full landing page.  Click the handle again to show the editor.

5. As soon as you hit the save button, your new landing page will be live.

5. Save Changes

5. Save Changes

Here are a few other things you should note:

  • The cancel button will revert any changes you have made since the last time you saved.
  • If you want to remove all of your customizations and start over from the Adjace defaults, hit the clear button.
  • There are file size limits (lower and upper).  This is to help ensure a landing page that looks good and performs well.

NEW: Submit new (anonymous) profiles with Adjace!

Many using Adjace have been looking for a way to allow visitors or new members to add their own profile information or to check in, and then synchronize that new profile information up to Planning Center.  We are happy to announce that Adjace subscribers are now able to accept new (anonymous) profiles.  Simply check the appropriate box on your Adjace settings tab and then send folks your new profiles link!  When folks go to the new profiles link they will be prompted for name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

New Profile

New Profile

When they submit the new profile, it will go into your approval queue where you can edit it and then approve or reject it for synchronization up to Planning Center.

NEW: Keep Planning Center People up to date with Adjace

Many of you using Adjace have been asking for the ability to allow member self-service.  We said “Yes!”  and this feature is now live!  Adjace subscribers can allow all of their folks who have access to their church’s Adjace to update their own profile, or their family members’ profiles.

Edit Profile

Now, many of you also said, “What about quality control?” Well, any profile updates that users submit will be placed into an approval queue where a church administrator will approve or deny the update.  Every time your Adjace is synchronized with your Planning Center People, all approved profile updates will be automatically synchronized and just like magic, your people are up to date!

Cogburnt is launched!

We have great news folks.  Cogburnt, our first game, has been launched.  This is new territory for the Deft Flux stable of information designers, but we think this product is going to be a hit.  We know that many parents and families feel on-line and mobile games driving them apart.  They no longer are sitting around a table playing games together.  In response, we have attempted to provide a game that requires the players to sit together in the same room and (at least for now) on the same device.  So head over to the App Store or Google Play, install Cogburnt, and let us know what you think!

Cogburnt is coming

Coming soon from Deft Flux – something unlike anything we’ve created to date.  It’s called Cogburnt.  It might be a little too soon for you, but your kids are going to love it.

Leadercast 2015 – Building Leaders Worth Following

Leaders, we all know that good leaders look for ways to improve, and I think Leadercast Live Oshkosh is the best one-day leadership event in the Oshkosh area.  Well, the day is quickly approaching.  Once again Deft Flux is sponsoring the Oshkosh site, and I hope you will join us for this year’s Live event — Continue reading

Leaders – Get Ready for Seth Godin!

Leaders, why do you work to stand out from the crowd?  Why do you care about doing the right thing in the right way?  You know that your actions, attitudes, and encouragement help those around you succeed.  You also know that from time to time, you need that same encouragement from other leaders whose attitude is the same as yours.

We believe the best one-day event in Oshkosh where you can find that encouragement is that Leadercast 2015.  This year, we get to hear from Payton Manning and Rudy Giuliani, and we are particularly excited to hear from Seth Godin, whose thoughts on marketing are sure to be pithy and refreshing.

Leadercast is a one-day event broadcast live from Atlanta to over 100,000 leaders around the globe, sponsored at Oshkosh by Deft Flux.  Find a way to get there.  Get your tickets now.


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