Leaders, as we look back at the previous year, we remind ourselves that it is apropos to review ourselves, praise our teams, and celebrate some wins.  Amongst our teams, we have observed uncertainty.  Folks are asking, “How much gaiety is required?” and “What is the appropriate mode of celebration?”

Some wins call for raucous cheers. Others call for a quiet “yes!”  Our purpose today, however, is not to prescribe appropriate celebrations by context.  Instead, we share a lesson we learned at the Leadercast — namely, that the high five is a universal tool, the lineman’s pliers of celebration.  A high five always works.  It is always powerful.  Moreover, the high five is most powerful in its simplest form.  Like a pair of lineman’s pliers, it does not need our improvements.

Today, we present a brief instructional video by Leadercast host Tripp Crosby, reminding us to use high fives appropriately.  Remember, they do not cost anything, so hand out a few today.