Leaders, with Leadercast Oshkosh only three weeks away, you need to get the date on your calendar right now (seriously, open your calendar right now and block out May 9) and then go over to http://leadercast.com/location/oshkosh/ and purchase your tickets (I am still serious; stop reading this right now, go buy your tickets, and then come back and finish reading).

O.k., now that you have purchased your tickets, how about a few reasons to get stoked about Leadercast?

Andy Stanley

Andy is a speaker who is good enough at what he does that you would listen to him talk about project cost accounting and be thankful for the chance.  But you get a bonus because he is not going to talk about that.  He will talk about leadership, and you will learn something useful.

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek has been reminding us how important it is to know why we are doing whatever it is that we are doing.  If you think your work is unimportant, maybe you need to hear Simon tell you why it is.  If you know it is important, you need to hear Simon tell you why it is important to help your team understand.


This is our favourite part of the day.  First, there is the food — provided by Christiano’s again this year.  Second, we can honestly say that we enjoy our lunch conversations with local leaders as much as the food and the big-name speakers.

Malcolm Gladwell

In 2012, CBS’s 60 Minutes attributed the recent trend of American parents redshirting their five-year-olds to give them an advantage in kindergarten to a section in Malcolm’s book Outliers.  We are eagerly anticipating what he has to say.

Tripp Crosby

Tripp says, “One day I want to meet someone who is as happy as their Instagram portrays.”  …me too, Tripp.

This is going to be a lot of serious fun and we can’t wait to see you there.