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Epicor: Simple Custom Data Validation

As we have stated previously, Epicor has provided customers with a simple method for building business rules into the ERP workflow without the usual upgrade headaches that go along with customizations.  They call it Business Process Management (BPM).  BPM comes in two flavors, Method Directives and Data Directives. Data Directives are fired by updates to a table.  Method Directives are called before, during, or after a Business Object Method executes.  Today we want to demonstrate how to perform a common validation using a BPM Method Directive.

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“We Need More Traveler Notes”

Deft Flux is jump-starting the movement to return to elegant information design.  You are saying to yourself, How?  So, here we have an example.

Recently, an Epicor client asked us whether, on his traveler, it would be possible to print the color of the part being produced.  We responded with the standard questions:  What is the real reason for the change? Since the raw materials are already listed, is it worth the effort?  Is it even possible?  Continue reading

Leadercast Memories

Are you a corporate seal?  Lately posted to YouTube, here’s to you, and the next Leadercast!

Leadercast is a one-day event broadcast live from Atlanta to over 100,000 leaders around the globe, sponsored at Oshkosh by Deft Flux.

Cakes, Doughnuts, and EnterpriseOne

I know a baker who is technologically astute.  He runs his bakery on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software, because EnterpriseOne features Advanced Pricing, which can handle sweet discounts on doughnuts and tiered pricing on cakes.

Using the EnterpriseOne manual, my friend the baker has figured out how to properly set up his pricing hierarchies and schedules.  He has also figured out how to price a baker’s dozen of doughnuts. He simply sets up a list price and a discount pricing adjustment with Basis Code “5” (add on amount), Factor Value Unit of Measure “BDZ” (13 EA [each] == 1 BDZ [baker’s dozen]), and Price Partials = “0” (no).  The discount is equal to the price of one doughnut, so that each time someone orders thirteen doughnuts, he receives the discount and pays only for twelve.  Similarly, if he orders 26 doughnuts, the thirteenth and twenty-sixth are free.  The price partials flag makes order entry simple because EnterpriseOne is smart enough to know that the customer gets the discount only after reaching the whole baker’s dozen.

Now, my friend the baker has a challenge.  Continue reading

Crew Punching in Epicor – Stage 2

Last time, we discussed a method whereby we could report on the efficiency of a crew by using indirect labor codes, and comparing the total labor on a production line to the total estimated labor for jobs produced on that line.

As we mentioned, we are unable to get a precise breakdown of labor hours by job, but we can get a fair estimate by using the weighted allocation that Epicor uses.  When an employee clocks directly onto multiple operations at once, Epicor will allocate hours to each operation based on the weight of that operation’s estimated hours.  Let us make up an example: Continue reading

Crew Punching in Epicor – Stage 1

Let us say that your company has a production line style operation where it would be inefficient for operators to leave the line to clock onto and off of jobs.  Managers would like to use labor collection to analyze efficiency and profitability, but there are enough jobs that the time spent clocking on and off of each would kill efficiency and be cost prohibitive.  It is not worth the effort.   At first you thought Epicor could handle some type of “crew punching” where a team leader could clock onto a job and automatically his crew would be clocked on at the same time, but you found that this is not the case. Continue reading

Leadercast Oshkosh 2013

Chick-fil-A® Leadercast® is a one-day leadership event broadcast LIVE from Atlanta, Georgia to hundreds of locations around the world.  Last year we had the opportunity to attend the Leadercast at Oshkosh and take along a few clients and our experience was so valuable that we decided to sponsor Chick-fil-A® Leadercast® Oshkosh 2013.  We are looking forward with eager anticipation to seeing and hearing the likes of John Maxwell, Mike Krzyzewski, Andy Stanley, Henry Cloud, and Jack Welch.  Can you pack all of that wisdom into one day for a better price? This year’s Leadercast will take place on May 10.  Get your tickets, directions, and everything else at the Leadercast Oshkosh site.

Check out some highlights from last year and the teaser for 2013:

Chick-fil-A Leadercast 2012 Highlight Video from GiANT Impact on Vimeo.

2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast from GiANT Impact on Vimeo.

Ask Deft Flux: How Can I Automate a Crystal Report?

Every day at Deft Flux, we are mapping unique paths from problem to solution, and we like to share them with you from time to time.  Today, our question is a common one — “How can I automatically run and e-mail a Crystal Report?”

Let’s consider this case where you want to schedule a report to be run and delivered to some users via e-mail.  For our readers who use Epicor, scheduling a report is as simple as setting up the system agent, loading the report, selecting the schedule, and pressing submit.  For the e-mailing, Epicor offers a module called Advanced Print Management (APM) and it would be the simplest way to e-mail reports in Epicor.

It may be, however, that your company does not have a license for APM or you may need to report on data outside of Epicor — perhaps another relational database or an XML file.  Continue reading

Data Dictionary Changes – JDE EnterpriseOne

During an upgrade to JDE EnterpriseOne you will need to list any changes that have been made to your data dictionary, and using SQL or even a UBE, most developers would have no problem coming up with a way to compare the pristine data dictionary with the latest version.  We thought, however, it might be nice to give those with less experience in this line a jump start.  So here is some SQL that could be used to detect new data dictionary items and changed alpha descriptions.   Continue reading

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