Every day at Deft Flux, we are mapping unique paths from problem to solution, and we like to share them with you from time to time.  Today, our question is a common one — “How can I automatically run and e-mail a Crystal Report?”

Let’s consider this case where you want to schedule a report to be run and delivered to some users via e-mail.  For our readers who use Epicor, scheduling a report is as simple as setting up the system agent, loading the report, selecting the schedule, and pressing submit.  For the e-mailing, Epicor offers a module called Advanced Print Management (APM) and it would be the simplest way to e-mail reports in Epicor.

It may be, however, that your company does not have a license for APM or you may need to report on data outside of Epicor — perhaps another relational database or an XML file.  Continue reading