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Crew Punching in Epicor – Stage 1

Let us say that your company has a production line style operation where it would be inefficient for operators to leave the line to clock onto and off of jobs.  Managers would like to use labor collection to analyze efficiency and profitability, but there are enough jobs that the time spent clocking on and off of each would kill efficiency and be cost prohibitive.  It is not worth the effort.   At first you thought Epicor could handle some type of “crew punching” where a team leader could clock onto a job and automatically his crew would be clocked on at the same time, but you found that this is not the case. Continue reading

Ask Deft Flux: How Can I Automate a Crystal Report?

Every day at Deft Flux, we are mapping unique paths from problem to solution, and we like to share them with you from time to time.  Today, our question is a common one — “How can I automatically run and e-mail a Crystal Report?”

Let’s consider this case where you want to schedule a report to be run and delivered to some users via e-mail.  For our readers who use Epicor, scheduling a report is as simple as setting up the system agent, loading the report, selecting the schedule, and pressing submit.  For the e-mailing, Epicor offers a module called Advanced Print Management (APM) and it would be the simplest way to e-mail reports in Epicor.

It may be, however, that your company does not have a license for APM or you may need to report on data outside of Epicor — perhaps another relational database or an XML file.  Continue reading

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