Attention all Adjace users and Planning Center People users considering Adjace.  One of the most requested features to date is now available for our on-line directory solution.  As of last weekend, Adjace subscribers will  find on their configuration page a link to download a PDF copy of their directory.

Download PDF

Here is what you need to know.:

  • The PDF download is available to subscribers.
  • To keep the setup as easy as pie, it uses the same configuration flags as the online directory.  To wit, it will contain the same information and grouping.  If you want a PDF with different information in it, simply configure for print, download the PDF, and then straightaway configure for online again.


If you came here looking for a printable directory from Planning Center People and are not yet on board the Adjace train, head on over to and get started!  If you came here looking for an online directory but aren’t yet on board with Planning Center People, head on over to, get started there, and then come back and sign up for Adjace!